Charlotte Sometimes

I’m finally reading Charlotte Sometimes.  Enjoy the official video, which I just saw for the first time.


3 thoughts on “Charlotte Sometimes

  1. Missie says:

    oh, man!
    I knew there are literary references in Cure songs (Killing an Arab is Camus’ Stranger, and “Treasure” is roughly a Rossetti poem, and then one of my favourites, “How beautiful You are” is basically Les Yeux des Pauvres, )
    But I had NO FREAKING CLUE there was a book called “charlotte sometimes”
    O, must read must read ^^

    Thanks, Sarah!
    (Also, I should post les Yeaux des Pauvres for poetry Friday some week, hmm….)

  2. Sarah says:

    Once I discovered it was based on a book I knew I’d have to read it. I only found out a few years ago (Thank you interweb and wikipedia!), so don’t feel bad about not knowing. I’m really enjoying the book. It’s an easy read being a children’s book. I’d say it’s on par with the first Harry Potter or so.

    Mz. M – I’d like te read that!

    I knew the two of you would be the ones commenting on this. :)

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