That’s my spine?

I met the new doctor at the Spine Center this morning.  He thinks surgery is an option, but doesn’t want to unless absolutely necessary.  Fine by me.  So, half of the issue is my makeup.  The other half, my weight (not surprised there).  I need to lose about 45 pounds.  It’s good to have a specific goal in mind instead of in a general sense.  The number he gave is around what I’ve had in mind, so I’m happy with that and that he didn’t say something ridiculous like being 125 lbs.  I told him how I’m trying, but it’s a Catch-22…I need to lose weight to feel better, but I can’t do anything for too long ’cause of the pain.  So, we shall see. 

I have my MRI films.  What is…Oh my, that’s my kidneys!  So weird!  You can clearly see were the compression is.  The only way to share them is if I hold it up to a window and then take a picture.  I’ll need Harry’s help with that.   

PT is going well.  Everyone is very nice.  My therapist is cool.  She’s given me a few new exercises to do which I’m not thrilled about, but that’s because I hate bridge pose, which these pretty much are.  I’ve been given the go ahead to try to ride my bike.  Woo!  Still no yoga.  Boo.  Passive exercise with Harry is fine, rubbing my back is okay, too.

Had my first injection this week too.   The lady is telling me “you’ll feel some pressure”.  Okay…..waiting…..Oh God!  What the fuck?!  That was not “some pressure”!  That fucking hurt!!!  At least I know what to expect for the next one.  Ugh.


2 thoughts on “That’s my spine?

  1. Missie says:

    “you’ll feel a little pressure”

    Why do they even say that? I prefer “a little pinch”
    That at least acknowledges that what you’re about to get is not a massage.

    What do you think about swimming or water aerobics, btw?
    Great exercise, and a lot less pressure-bearing. Maybe it would be something your doctor would ok?
    I seem to remember, from a long-ago email survey, that you like swimming…
    do you still?

    • Sarah says:

      I’d rather they just say “It’s going to hurt”. Then I’ll know what to expect. Yes, there was pressure, but only for a brief moment followed by intense pain.

      I loved water areobics when I went to the gym and I do love swimming, too. I’m just super out of shape so I can only do 1 or 2 laps.

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