That’s more like it

I had the second shot in my back today (in the sacroiliac joint) and that went much better.   I only had the pressure.  I did make sure to tell the tech about the pain I felt the first time.  I’m guessing because all my pain is in that area (left hip/lower back) it caused more pain than normal.  Friday I get the shot in the nerve; that is the one that I can get every three months. 

Two more weeks of PT and then see what they say.  I weighed myself this morning.  I’ve lost about three pounds.  That was unexpected!  It’s probably from going to PT twice a week and I’m getting a workout when I’m there (I was lightly perspiring today) and being able to walk farther and do more of my normal stuff.  I’m actually a bit sore today from therapy – stomach feels a bit tight (from the stupid bridge exercises).  Have I mentioned I HATE Bridge?  I’m not just doing plain ol’ bridge, but I have to march in place for one and the other I have to lift a leg .  *grumble grumble*  Despite my complaining (just ask Harry) I am doing them and a few other things she’s given me to do.  Last night I did Happy Baby just to see how it felt (AWESOME!  Yes, I was careful.)  I looooove Happy Baby.  Feels so good on my back.  :)  My therapist didn’t know it, so I showed it to her today.  I also gave her a tip for Tree – Focus on a stationary object in the distance. It doesn’t matter what it is (the corner of a wall, art, roof of the house outside the window).

The weather is perfect for bike riding, too.  :(  Dang it all.  So inconvenient.  However, Harry’s parents (and sister) are very helpful and giving us rides to work (for him), my appts, groceries, etc.  Moments like these I’m thankful that we have some family in the same city.


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