Ghostly Encounters

I most definitely believe in ghosts. I even had one walk through me once. One of the weirdest/creepiest feelings, EVER!

ETA: I was either coming home or leaving (from work or something) one night.  I was on the porch of the duplex I lived in and all of a sudden I felt and saw something go through me at the same time.  I got a sense of it being a male figure.  That was all.  It was so creeeeeeepy.

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ETA2:   I will also never use a Ouija board (did once). 

Back when we lived in a large duplex (built around 1885) I had several different encounters. 

*The stairs to the attic used to creep me out.  One of my cousins referred to them as “the death stairs” or something like that. 

*I would sometimes get the feeling I was either not alone or being watched.

*I swear there was a ghost of a little girl in the attic.

When Harry still lived at home I did not like being the basement (which then became his room) alone.  I got wiggy feeling when I’d be down there.

Sometimes when I’m at my in-laws dog sitting (it’s only when I’m alone), I think I hear someone walking around on the second floor.  His sister also thinks there’s a ghost/spirit in the house.

Once or twice I’ve seen a ghost of a Native American by the Blackstone River down stream from the Gorge.  My dad used to see him too.

I will never go in a cemetery on Nov. 1st ever again!  Fucking creepy!


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