I finished Scrappy (Rav link)!  In the days of yore I would have been able to do this in one day, but alas it took a month (to the day!).  Concidering it’s been over a year (if not more) since I last knit anything, I’ll take this. 

Tomorrow I’ll take better photos during the day sans flash.  I was just so happy to be finished I wanted to post it right away.  ^_^

When I was doing the blue (first colour) I had a brain fart and forgot to knit the edges to stop the stockinette stitch from curling.  doh.  Luckily I remembered by the time I was doing the first set of garter rows.  I had a bit of a hassle adding one of the colours only because I thought I was going to have enough to finish the row, but it turned out it was going to be a bit short.  For the first time doing this in a long time, and it’s only a dishcloth, I’m okay with how it turned out.


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