Autumn Soujourn

While Harry was on vacation we went to find H.P. Lovecraft at Swan Point Cemetery.  We tried to find him about four years ago, but never did.

This time, with directions in hand, we found the plot right away.

They added the  headstone in the 1970’s.  Lots of little trinkets were left for him including a pink D10 and a pen.

Before we left for Providence, I did a little drawing.  Knowing he loved cats as much as I do, I drew a cat on the beach being scared (or confused) by Cthulhu rising from the ocean.

Harry is standing about where Lovecraft is actually buried.  Notice that it’s not directly in front of  the headstone.

The Phillips family monument.  I did not know his mom was a Sarah.

Swan Point is gorgeous!  It’s also gigantic!  I’ve never seen a cemetery so large.  It’s the type of place I’d want to be buried, if I were to be buried at all. 

After we paid our respects to Howard Phillip, we wandered for a little a bit and came across a really old section.

This lady died on October 31, 1791. She was 85, which is pretty old for back then.

November has set in and it has been very Novembery so far.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Soujourn

    • Sarah says:

      New England is the place for lots of old graveyards, for sure! Our friend from Houston was quite surprised by how close (and small) some of the graveyards are. In RI there’s a 20 foot (or so) perimeter for building near a historic cemetery, from what I’ve heard.

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