a wee bit of family history

Got this today from mom via a cousin on my dad’s side….

We have at least 5 ancestors who came over with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 and they founded Amesbury and Salisbury.  You can actually go to Anthony Colbys house as it is a historical site. Planning to do that soon. Also as a interesting bit of info, our family had ties with the Salem witch trials. One of the great grandfathers was Orlando Bagley and he was a sheriff who had to arrest a family friend named Susannah Martin who was hung as a witch.  Also a tenth great aunt named Mary Perkins was arrested as a witch, but the family helped her escape till the trials were over!
I had no idea!!  How cool is that?!  This is also the side of the family that had a whaler who’s my brother’s middle name comes from.  Maybe now that I found my (2nd)cousin on FB I might be able to find out how Mackenzie is a family name.

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