We were able to get into the apartment and salvage a lot more than we thought was going to be possible. A lot of clothes from our closets that need to get properly cleaned, French Press was sitting on the counter, found my glasses (don’t know if they are ok, but I have them), Harry’s kilt stuff looks fine (dry clean), have the cable box, found security box (water logged but we have it).

They got my knitting stash! I kept most of my yarn in Ziploc bags in an ottoman, so it might be OK!! I just have to check it out.  My sewing tote (where I keep the scissors, etc.) is fine.

The totes that had my grandparents ornaments is fine, also Leon/Noel, my dad’s cameras, more books than I thought possible and so much more.

Dante is doing a little better. The ulcers on his eyes are healing. He’s a lot more active than he has been. Loving his belly rubs. Not really eating, but drinking water.


3 thoughts on “Salvaging

  1. Debbie R. says:

    I’m glad you salvaged so many things. Thank goodness Dante is doing better. I hate to ask, but did they find Isabella?? I’ve been sending prayers for both your kitties.

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