Thank You

Thank you to all the rescue service people that put out the fire, get most of the cats out of the building and helped in any way Friday.  It takes a special sort of person to be willing to walk into a burning building to save people and animals; not knowing what the structural integrity is, the layout, or how bad the fire is.  Thank you to the Red Cross, our neighbors and anyone else that I’m forgetting right now.

I have a pretty jaded perspective when it comes to people, so all the outpouring of support is pretty overwhelming for me.



2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. missie says:

    Firefighters are pretty amazing to me.
    The job has so few perks compared to the other really hazardous public service jobs.
    The medical people tend to make particularly good money,
    and the police get power and authority.

    But the firefighter gets the same lousy schedule, the same spending of nights and holidays away from family waiting around for emergencies, and all the risks,
    without either of those benefits.
    His pay rate is comparable to, say, a plumber. Not bad, but not great for running into burning buildings.
    And those are the places where communities are willing to pay for a fire department–a lot of them do the job for a lot less, or even for free.
    And yet, all over the country, there are people willing to do this job.

    It’s amazing to me!
    God bless them for what they do.
    I read what Harry wrote about them laying the coats on the table before chopping through the wall…so considerate <3

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