It’s just like being in Silent Hill

With a mask, gloves and flashlight in hand we went down into our storage unit today.  We had to walk through the first floor apartment to get into the cellar.  It looks so much better than ours.  All the windows are boarded up, so it’s dark.  We head downstairs and it was pitch black.  We close our eyes, so we can let them adjust to the dark.  Walking down the narrow walkway to our unit (it was last one at the end) was creepy.  I say out loud “Okay, Sarah, stop that ’cause you’re creeping yourself out”.  Harry asks “Silent Hill?” and I reply “Yes”.

We took about six plastic totes of stuff including fabric, summer clothes, and Heroscape stuff.  We are amazed as to how much is okay.  I’m just so happy to have summer clothes.

I took some clothes to the laundry-mat today to try to get the odor out of some of the clothes we got out of the actual apartment.  Most of it seems fine.  I picked up Harry’s kilt from the dry cleaners and dropped off my vintage pattern black dress.

Tonight I’m going to go through my yarn stash.  I have a feeling I’ll be getting rid of most of it.  We shall see.

Dante has another vet appointment tomorrow.  I hope he’s gained a little weight.  If he’s lost any more, they are going to want to put him on a feeding tube.

We’ve started searching for an apartment.



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