Family Ancestry

I’m of Huron, French-Canadian, Irish, Scottish (MacDonald clan), Welsh, English (and Cornish), Lithuanian and Swedish decent, and proud of every one.

My great-grandfather Eddie was from Sweden. When he came to the US his last name got Americanized. He was 10 years older than my great-grandmother, Grannie (real name Antoinette). I never knew Eddie, he passed away in the 60’s. Grannie died when she was 91 (about 1990, I was in h.s.). They had two children, Ruth and Lynette. Ruth is my maternal grandmother. She married William and they had seven children, my mom being the oldest. I have 20 something first cousins on this side.

Grandfather Bill’s family is where the Lithuanian ancestry comes from. When his parents or grandparents came over their last name got Americanized also. He was a Lt. Col. in the Marines. He was part of the “island hopping” during WWII. I was almost two when he died.

My grandma Leah was a small woman (4’11”) of French-Canadian ancestry. She had several sisters and brothers (almost all with white Santa Claus type hair). She and Stanley “Buddy” married and had Stanley (my dad). A lot of the British ancestry comes from my paternal grandpa’s side. I know Grandpa had a sister Mary. My dad was an only child. I have many 2nd cousins on this side. Grandma died sometime after I was out h.s. Grandpa died many years later.

I recently found out some really neat info regarding that side….

“We have at least 5 ancestors who came over with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 and they founded Amesbury and Salisbury. You can actually go to Anthony Colbys house as it is a historical site. Planning to do that soon. Also as a interesting bit of info, our family had ties with the Salem witch trials. One of the great grandfathers was Orlando Bagley and he was a sheriff who had to arrest a family friend named Susannah Martin who was hung as a witch. Also a tenth great aunt named Mary Perkins was arrested as a witch, but the family helped her escape till the trials were over!”

I also know I had a great-great grandfather (not sure how far back, maybe more?) that was a whaler and his name was Reuben, hence my brother’s middle name. I also know that Mackenzie is a family name, but not sure how. I should have asked my dad while he was still alive.

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