We miss our little grey lady.  Isabella was about one year old when we got her from one of Harry’s sisters.  She was a tiny little thing that was afraid of everything.  As she got older and more comfortable with us and Dante her personality really came out.  She never got over being skittish, though.  Since she had be a partly outdoor cat she could be feisty.  There were a few times that we had to break them up from fighting, mostly because she was sick of him grooming her, or over a spot on the floor that had catnip on it.  I never changed her name.  It suited her and worked with Dante (who was originally Quincy, but I changed on the ride home from PetSmart).

Izzy loved Harry so much.  She’d sit on his lap while he wrote on the computer, ate at the table, watched tv, almost anytime he was sitting down. She loved music, esp. heavy metal, particularly Dethklok.  We’d find her sitting in front of the stereo just staring at it when it was on.  So cute and funny!  She also ‘sucked’ her thumb.

Thumb-sucking in action

Izzy was also a very nosy cat.  One of my nicknames for her was Mrs. Kravitz.

This is the last photo I took of her. It was the night before the fire.


She had many nicknames:  The Grey Haze, Isz (in reference to The Maxx), Izzah, Lady Cat, Princess, Queen Isabella, Chubbalubb, The Grey Lady, Mrs. Kravitz and many more.

She hated the Christmas tree.  I swear she’d give it the Evil Eye.  We used to joke around that we’d come home and find her welding all our furniture to the floor and other destructive things.  “Oh, you didn’t want this did you?  Good.”

Izzy: I won. I always win.

She had a very expressive face. I loved photographing her.

She tolerates my presence.


Doing her Bela Lugosi impression.

Human-Momma why's that cat outside?

Iz Indemnity Doubled?

This is probably my favourite photo I have taken of her. It was this past October.  It really captures her personality.


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