New Home

We got the keys to our new place yesterday! We started to move in, too. In a way it’s easy because we don’t have anything really big like furniture. However, we need furniture! Once again we’re on a third floor, but this time we don’t have a porch. It’s a quite neighbourhood with actual houses and not just a tenement building on top of a tenement building.

One of the selling points (esp. for Harry) was the bathroom.

Yes, that is all green tile! The floor will be getting changed in the Spring, which Harry’s a little sad about, but I’m okay with.

You can see one of the weird angles due to the roof by the tub.

This is a view of the kitchen from one of the bedrooms. The counter is low (again), but this time we are aware of it beforehand. I think the sink is really neat.

There are remnants of old gas fixtures in few places, esp. in the kitchen.

A few more weird angles to contend with.

(No, the couch is not staying.)

A view from one of the bedrooms.

A view from the kitchen.




4 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Susan B says:

    Don’t think of them as weird angles, they are ARCHITECHTURAL DETAILS…wish I had some! This place looks beautiful, Sarah!

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