Snow, snow, go away

Local weather dude, Tony Petrarca,  just said that we’ve gotten 32″ of snow so far this season. I wonder what it’s going to be after this storm.

Most city streets are one lane because there’s nowhere to put the snow and cars parked on the street. It’s really bad. The banking’s at intersections are so tall, you can’t see if there are cars coming on the cross road. You have to slowly and carefully inch forward and hope no one’s driving like a douche. My in-laws mentioned something about a permanent parking ban being put on until further notice. I guess the city is hoping that with cars off the street the plows could do a better cleaning job. It’s a good idea in theory, however, a lot of houses don’t have a driveway or parking. Where are those people suppose to put their vehicles? It doesn’t help that the city decided months ago to shut off some street lights so it’s very dark at night. There are areas that I’ve put my highs on driving to get Harry at work at night.

Our car got hit last week or so. It happened in middle of the night. The driver’s side mirror was taken clean off. Luckily, it was just the mirror and the repair only took 10 minutes. The car that was parked a bit behind us got it worse. I’ll be happy when we’re moved in and will have off street parking again.

I’m just glad that we’ll be in a slightly better area than we had been. Also, it’s not as hilly. I won’t have to map out in my head how to get home when we have snow to avoid hills.


One thought on “Snow, snow, go away

  1. ~m says:

    this is an
    amount of snow, lol!

    I agree, it’s getting pretty scary to drive around like this.
    It’s dark, the streets are so narrow and slushy,
    and visibility on corners is nil.

    Today I ended up stuck for about a minute on a road, waiting for people to move because I was afraid if I moved i’d skid on the slush and into the guy trying to drive in the other lane. He was in the same boat.
    We were side-by-side, and seriously, his face was like, three feet from mine maybe. We just loitered there and looked straight into each other’s faces, with astonished “dude…this is ridiculous!” expressions, lol.

    And this morning, a guy in one of those pick-ups that look like they’re on steroids took a corner in a superbly douchetastic way,
    and almost wiped us out!

    Aside from driving, and the fact that my pay from teaching was almost cut in half this month, I am enjoying the snow.
    Took Rissa sledding for the first time in years yesterday, and the snow was so deep it was difficult to slide at all for the first ten minutes, haha!

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