It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that we had to put Dante to sleep this past weekend. He seemed to be doing okay since the check-up after the fire until a week ago or so. He slowly stopped eating and felt like he was getting thinner and thinner. We brought him to vet saturday morning. We had them do some blood work and a x-ray. On the way back to vets I had a feeling that it was going to be really bad news.

Dante had an enlarged liver, and there was a strange growth in there as well. He was showing signs of anemia and jaundice. The best case scenario was that it could be fatty liver, which is not an easy fix by any means. The next available ultrasound wasn’t for at least five days. In the mean time they would have wanted to put him on an IV since he was not eating. After everything he had been through and given his age, we felt that it was his time to go. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. This is going to sound crazy, but besides Harry, he was my best friend.

I miss him every night when I go to bed. He used to come to bed with me and cuddle until I fell asleep.

Harry took me to Pet Smart on my birthday in 2003 to pick out a cat. He was it. He was my best birthday present ever. He was so fluffy, large and all black. I complemented him on his plumage (he had a very fluffy and long tail). When we got him his name was Quincy, but it changed to Dante on the car ride home.

One of the first photos I have of Dante.

Dante was a very good cat. He was great with company and good with kids (very tolerant). He hardly ever misbehaved. If he did, it was mostly due to Izzy cleaning him and he had enough.

Catnoseman and his sidekick Isz.

As much as I loved photographing him, it was very difficult because he was so dark.

How many nicknames did he have? I’m not sure. There were a lot! Dantelicious, Sir, Mr. Pants, Monsieur de la Pantaloons, Dude, Dante Elagante, Fatty Boombalatty, D, Dark Chocolate, Dantekins, Pants, Mister Catnoseman, Deebles, Fluffenstein.

He was very smart. He’d watch me open doors and do other stuff like he was trying to figure out he could do it. He liked to throw his whole body onto the floor and roll over onto his back so he could get his belly rubbed. I’ve never, ever had a cat that liked to get his belly touched, let alone rubbed.

When he saw birds he would make the chirpy sound. He used to talk to us, too. I’d ask him how he’s doing and he’d reply with a “Mrrrow.”

Dante loved open drawers, boxes and bed sheet changing day.

And of course his first job was at a sombrero factory (long story).


It’s hard picking one photo as my favourite. I have so many. He will be missed so much.



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