Feeling like Home

Things are coming together nicely at Chez Sarah and Harry. It already feels homey, which our old place took years of feeling, so I think we picked a good place. Please excuse the blurriness of a few of the photos. Things are not 100%, we don’t have any art up on the walls yet (Robyn’s paintings are in my in-laws garage and Roz’s photo needs to framed), but I wanted to share how it’s looking now.

Bathroom is just about done. We want to get some art to hang up and then it will be it.

We haven’t found what we ideally want for curtains for the kitchen, so in the meantime we’re trying out the shears I or my mom made many, many years ago. We just got the kitchen table and chairs from our friend Drew and his family this past week. We also just got the microwave cart from our friends Connie & Jolby this past week.

We have a reading area in the living room. Yesterday Harry put the bookcases together. We have a his & hers. :) We’ll probably end up getting a bookcase for the computer room for the games and cookbooks. We want to get a floor lamp and a small side table, too.

Looking into the living room from the kitchen. You can see a bit of the bed, too.

We want to hang Robyn’s paintings on either side of the living room window. They will look nice with the blue curtains. Harry’s thinking of small images over the couch by the closet. I’m not sure what I’d like. The coffee table is super cool. It opens up! If you’ve been to Target within the last few months, you’ve seen it on display.

The computer room is the least done, so I am not including it on the tour. Right now it’s a catchall, so it’s a mess. We do have a nice computer desk and chair (Thanks Mom!), but that’s about it.


10 thoughts on “Feeling like Home

  1. ~m says:

    aww, the kitchen looks so great set up!!
    A replaced or repaired fridge, I hope?

    And, I said it before, but I’ll say it again– those are the least obtrusive wall dormers ever! They add charm without being in the way at all, it’s pretty amazing.

    • Sarah says:

      Repaired fridge! It just needed a freon charge. The only spot where the dormer is in the way is in the shower. Poor Harry keeps hitting his head.

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