Meet Cole our new kitteh!

Yes, you are seeing correctly. He has no tail. Poor guy had an accident in 2008 when he was found and had to get his tail amputated. Seems as if it might have been a car accident. They said when he was brought in he was wearing a collar. Makes me wonder if he got out or was thrown out. He walks kinda bow-legged. He jumps up onto things, so he hasn’t lost that ability.


Anyway…He’s very smart, curious and affectionate. I thought there would be a large adjustment period seeing as he’s been in the shelter almost three years.


He’s making himself at home.His little stub is constantly wiggling which is adorable. It looks like he’s wagging his tail. He’s been talktive, too. I think he’s looking for other cats. We were told he’s very good with others and even kittens and that he’d be better off with a female companion.  I have not had a kitten in over twenty years, so I’m totally Jonesin’ for some little triangle tail and tiny meows.





He already has a ton of nicknames: Coltrane, Kohlrabi (or Colerabi), Stubbs, Stubby, Nubs, Nubbins, Robyn’s suggestion of McNubberson, and my brother’s of McNubin.

More photos to come as he becomes more comfortable here and with us.


7 thoughts on “Kitty!

  1. Susan B says:

    He’s very lucky that you are both such good people that you would take him, even without his tail. I’ll bet if you bring a cute baby kitteh home, he will love it!

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