Afternoon By the Sea

This was my view yesterday while I ate my lunch. My friend Damien called me earlier in the day asking if I would like to go to Beavertail. I packed a sandwich, apple and filled my hot travel mug with coffee. I double checked that I had my camera and off we went for an afternoon by the water. It was exactly what I needed after a week of rain, my foot still healing and being pretty much housebound. High tide was starting to come in, so I was not able to scavenge for sea glass. There will be plenty of other chances to hunt for sea glass as it is only April.

How did I feel when I was watching the waves crash against the rocky shore and breathing in that wonderful sea air?


2 thoughts on “Afternoon By the Sea

  1. dawnk777 says:

    Love your water pictures! I love living next to Lake Michigan and I love hearing the waves crash on the shore! I don’t know if our air is clean or not, though. LOL! Sometimes crappy stuff comes up from Chicago/Indiana.

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