Fog Filled Frolics

For my birthday a few weeks ago we went to Beavertail.

The bridge of doom.

Our view entering Beavertail.

It felt like we were entering Silent Hill. It was so creepy. It was the foggiest I’ve ever seen it. I think the visibility was under a mile. I could only hear the dingy out in the water.

Our view while eating our lunch.

We went to check out the other side that we never go to.

Harry probably imagining Deep Ones coming up from the ocean.


The lighthouse.

For supper we went to Pho Evergreen and I got my favourite meal in the entire world…..Bun Thit Noung Cha Gio!

My bun thit

Harry's bun thit

We ended the day with birthday cake made by Harry!


5 thoughts on “Fog Filled Frolics

    • Sarah says:

      At one point Harry had me just look out at the water and he gets behind me and all of a sudden I hear the Dark Shadows theme song playing from his mp3 player. :)

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