Day 21-24, 30 DPC

Day 21


This is a small church on Fairmount St. I’m not sure what the denomination is, or the name of the church.

Day 22


Detail on Harry’s new Army style jacket.

Day 23


Peacock at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton, MA. The sanctuary has had a Ren Faire for the past four years. This was our second year going to the Winslowshire Faire for the Animals. This was taken right after the peacock was doing a dance and showing off for the peahen in the adjoining area.


Day 24

The original challenge for day 24 was Easter. I opted to do anything.

Henna I got done the day before at Winslowshire Faire. I’m tempted to take a photo of it today as it’s turning a lovely reddish-brown colour.



2 thoughts on “Day 21-24, 30 DPC

  1. ~m says:

    ah, lovely…

    btw, that was a Seventh Day Adventist church, but a year or two ago they moved to a new location, and that structure is now a cute little *house*,
    still complete with that church bell over the door! Imagine that?
    Based on the shape of the yard, though, I’m guessing there may be some flooding in the back basement level when it rains…

    btw, is Harry’s coat ON him in that photo? I think I see a hint of sideburn ^_^

    • Sarah says:

      I was wondering if it was someone’s house now. Doh. I went up to the front door and everything. I did take some shots of the bell, but did not like them.

      Yes, that is a little bit of his chop you see. :)

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