I’m trying to find a pattern for a new shawl. Since I lost my Clap in the fire, my mom said she’d make me a new one. An on-line friend made me a Clapotis, so looking for something different. Still want the Sea Silk since it’s so lovely and smells vaguely like the ocean. :)

I’ve narrowed it down to two….

Little Shells

Non Ravelry link
Rose Lace Stole

Non Ravelry link

Then mom shows me this….


Non Ravelry link

Decisions, decisions. What do y’all think?

I’m not sure if I want a different colour. I do so love the Sea Silk in Pale Teal. Here’s the Clap in London. Here it is in Paris. (Why, yes, I am terrified in the photo at Sacre Coeur. How could you tell?)

In other yarny news I’m going with my mom on friday to WEBS! I’m going to test myself with some alpaca and see how it goes. I’m hoping the ventilation is good because if not I won’t be able to breath with all that wool.


Just saw this shawl on Ravelry…

Summer Flies

Non Ravelry link

Ack! They are all so beautiful!!


Saw Rock Island made up at WEBS yesterday. It’s purty, too! I need help making this decision.


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