Another MRI

In May or June I rejoined the gym. Things were going well. Then my left knee suddenly started hurting. So I stopped doing water aerobics, going for walks (it was getting too hot outside anyway)/treadmill/stationary bike, or the machines. What does that leave me to but still taking it easy (per my doctor)? (I haven’t even done any yoga for fear of hurting myself.) Swimming! I forgot how much I missed being in the pool. I’m nowhere as strong or healthy as I was when I was a kid, but I’m doing it. I can’t do a turn anymore, but that’s okay. I can generally do four laps. I always make sure to do at least one backstroke.

Since my knee is still bothering me I get to have another MRI. Oh how fun. It’s about a year since my last one so it’s like my body is missing it or something. I told the lady on the phone today that it needs to be an open one. I have a script for a light sedative from my doc, so come thursday morning I will be getting my third MRI. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious. My doctor said the slight crackling sound I hear when I’m going up and down stairs is arthritis (which sound louder in my right knee). So we shall see. I hope I don’t become radioactive with all these tests. Yay it be kinda cool to have super powers, but knowing me they’d be lame.


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