Scavenging up some fun

Saturday we had the Big August Birthday Bash (four friends have birthdays within a week or so). This year there was a Photo Scavenger Hunt. It was a lot of fun! My group (Harry, Nick, Ryan and Nicki) came in third. Not bad considering we never finished the final challenge.

One of the side challenges was to reenact a work of art.

That’s Ryan on the left and Nick on the right holding a plunger he found on the beach.

There was also a challenge of reenacting a movie scene. Since we were at the beach, Harry and I did the famous scene in From Here to Eternity. I won’t share that photo because it seems inappropriate and my butt looks huge.

While driving around Wickford looking for other side challenges and  trying to figure out the main challenges we saw some funny signs.

It was starting to get really foggy and it a bit eerie.

It just wouldn’t be a birthday party without birthday cake!


3 thoughts on “Scavenging up some fun

  1. Sammie says:

    That sounds like a fun party, Sarah! It’s good to just have some fun with friends. So glad the hurricane didn’t do as much damage as expected.

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