After the storm

Last Sunday was a long, wet and windy day. Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene came through the Northeast fairly quickly. We fared pretty well compared to a lot of people. No damage to the house, yard or car. One tree across the street lost two limbs, but other than that it was just small debris in our corner. Our lights flickered on and off a few times but never permanently went out. All said and done we are very lucky and do not take it for granted. One of my cousins just got their electricity back. They live in Providence, down the street from my mom actually (she’s in Maine at the moment so I’m sure when she gets home she’ll be emptying her fridge).

I took a few photos during the storm.

This is looking out the office window. You can see the tree limbs on the ground. One of them was across the street. I watched a guy go out and drag it back to under the tree.

The view out one of the kitchen windows.

I took a few videos that I want to edit together. I hope to have those up soon as I need Harry’s help with the editing.


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