damn fire

A couple of weeks ago we were in Joann Fabrics. We were looking at Halloween stuff. Then I saw a fake fluffy black cat and started crying in the aisle. It had been awhile since I cried about missing Dante. We’ve been looking through our photos to print some out for a collage frame. I forgot how fluffy Dante got during the winter. Giant puffball of cuteness.

We got more stuff out of my in-laws garage a couple of days ago. (It’s been awhile since we last took stuff). Trying to salvage some of my shoes. I really wish I had taken my corduroy skirt and well, my whole closet. sigh I’d like a day to go by were I don’t think of the damn fire or wish I had my skirt or well everything.

We went through one the plastic totes and a bag.

Harry found one of his favourite GI Joes, Croc Master.

Finding Tick made me very happy.

As did finding two of my favourite stuffed animals.

Chocolate (he’s a boy, not that you could tell by the ribbon which has been around his ear for about 28 years [?!]).

And Snoops (also a boy)!

My truck. I never played with it. It just stayed on my shelf much to my brothers chagrin.

We also came across two dresses I had when I was little. Both made by Mom. Yes, they are both smocked, by hand! Talk about impressive.

I wore the yellow one for school pictures one year (kindergarten I believe).

The thing I was most happy about finding was the blanket Mom made for me when I was a baby. It spells out Sarah and has items for each letter (avocado for “a”, star for “s”, etc, etc). This panel has always been my favourite out of the whole thing.




2 thoughts on “damn fire

  1. harrylthompsonjr says:

    I’m trying to approach it all in a very measured, zen way. It is just stuff, and while it was MY stuff, it was just time to not have it anymore.

    Some day, I’ll be able to go a day without thinking about the whole fire experience. When I think about everything we lost, it gets me angry. I find that I’m more angry about it now than when I was closer to the experience; that is partially because some of the stuff we had, we’ll never be able to replace.

    Additionally, some stuff would just be ridiculous to try and replace. Seriously: simply replacing the record collection would be so disproportionally expensive in comparison to what we paid originally. I’m not going to spend $200 for an album I got for 20. Even if I was unbelievably rich, I don’t think I’d spend 200 bucks to replace something that was only 20.

    It is that mindset that has kept me from spending stupid amounts of money on back issues.

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