Sunday Brunch: pancakes

A few years ago Harry and I decided to start having Sunday breakfast/brunch together. He usually cooks. I can’t make pancakes to save my life, so it’s for the best. He’s also a lot more patient than I am and actually enjoys cooking where as I do it because we gotta eat to live. Also, he makes one hell of an omelet and crepes.

This past Sunday I decided that I will start sharing what we have. My plan is to post once a week.

Good ol’ pancakes. Nothing quite like piping hot pancakes right off the griddle. We also had a hard-boiled egg* and tea (Red Rose for me, Chai for Harry).

Harry used the recipe from The Good Housekeeping cookbook. A few years ago when I wanted to get a cookbook I decided on The Good Housekeeping one because growing up my mom had one and so I was familiar with it. Boy was I surprised when I flipped through the new one. The new one is nothing like the old one. So much as changed culinary since the 70s. I inherited my mom’s old one after the fire. So now I have both. One all new and clean and one old with lots of splatter stains. :)

*Hard-Boiled Eggs
I love ’em, but never think of making ’em. Why? Because I can never remember how to cook them. Then I came across this on Pinterest. Perfect eggs every time!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch: pancakes

  1. harrylthompsonjr says:

    Making pancakes on the griddle is much easier than making them in a pan. The whole technique of making pancakes is just to wait until the sides start looking dry (amount a minute at 350 degrees F), then flip with determination and confidence. Let the other side cook for another minute or so and you are done.

    However, if you are impatient and like to stir pots and lift lids when you don’t need to, that’s a different story :)


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