Sunday Brunch: Egg in a Hole

Sunday’s breakfast was once again courtesy of Pinterest.

Bell Pepper Egg-in-a-Hole

Those who know me well, will be surprised that I chose this for our meal. Yes, I actually like bell peppers now, particularly red, orange and yellow.

Either the bell pepper I got was too narrow (which is what I’m thinking) or the eggs too big (I always get large eggs) and we got some leakage. It should be noted that the recipe says to cook these in a non-stick pan. They got stuck on the cast iron. We had some leftover basil so we garnished the eggs-in-a-hole with it. Tasty!

Harry’s brunch: two eggs-in-a-hole, two breakfast sausages, English muffin (with marmalade), oj and chai

My brunch: one egg-in-a-hole, two sausages, one piece of toast (with marmalade), cran-apple juice and coffee (Nantucket Blend from Whole Foods)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch: Egg in a Hole

  1. harrylthompsonjr says:

    I’m thinking wider pepper is the answer. Too bad the pepper selection was limited to begin with. That said, I wouldn’t mind trying this again. Maybe do it inside a toast in the coming weeks?


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