Sunday Brunch: Eggs

Good old eggs. Nothing pretentious about them. So many ways to cook them. I love ’em.

I haven’t had scrambled eggs since Harry learned how to make the perfect omelette thanks to seeing Jacques Pépin on PBS about a year ago (if not longer). So I decided to have mine scrambled. We had gone to Ikea the previous week for our annual Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns….and shopping. I planned out my ration of cinnamon buns so I could have one with my eggs on Sunday.

I normally can’t have coffee in the morning (along with a whole list of other stuff, but that’s for another day and post) due to the acid. Due to that, I usually have my coffee in the afternoon. So, you ask, how am I able to occasionally enjoy a morning cup? Coffee Tamer/CalciBlend. I have it in the smallest shaker bottle size. I even took it with me on our trip to Houston in 2009.

My meal:

scrambled eggs

breakfast sausage (Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage)

Ikea cinnamon bun

spiced apple cider (leftover from our Burns Night Dinner the night before. Thanks Nicki and Derrick for bringing it!)

A bit of coffee (Starbucks Sumatra)

Harry decided to have an omelette du fromage. Whenever I think of the phrase ‘omelette du fromage’ I get Dexter in my head saying it over and over. The cheese he used was some of the whiskey cheddar we got for the Burns Night Dinner. He said it is not a good cooking cheese, but a better eating cheese. He could not taste any of the whiskey flavour and it just tasted odd. Harry’s a weirdo and puts hot sauce or even ketchup on his eggs. I don’t get it. Must be a guy thing.

Harry’s meal:

omelette with whiskey cheddar and hot sauce


flaxseed quinoa bread toast (We love this bread. It can be found at Whole Foods.)

spiced cider

It as a nice sunny day and Cole took full advantage of it.


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