It’s been awhile since I had a post regarding knitting. Seems time I had one. I’m actually working on two projects now. A dishcloth, I know, you dear reader are really surprised. ;) Well, seeing as I lost most of all the other dishcloths in the fire, I need to start building up my pile again. I’ve made the coffee cup again. I’ve also made one with the Eiffel Tower. Both of those took me a really long time, but I’m making up for that with my current one. Granted if I didn’t have the issues I have, it wouldn’t take as long as it does. *stupid hands* I’ve looked for a pattern that has a Union Jack, but have yet to find one. I’m also stash busting with my second project, a garter stitch One Skein Scarf. I want a black scarf and have a skein of Berrocco Comfort left over from when I made my brother’s scarf (yes most of my yarn survived the fire!). For the past month or so I’m knitting two rows of the dishcloth and two to four rows of the scarf a day. Why those numbers specifically? What I really want to knit is the Sky Scarf (Rav link). I saw it initially on Pinterest and it immediately caught my attention. Knit only two rows a day? I can do that! I’m always noticing the sky too, so it’s so perfect for me. It will help be let go and allow something to be random (which I have a hard time with).

Speaking of the fire…

I had started to write a ‘year after’ post but forgot about it until two weeks ago or so.

Weeks leading up the anniversary I got really depressed. The day of, I was doing pretty good. Now I’m still angry, but trying my best to get over it as much as I can. I don’t think we’ll ever be 100% over it just ’cause of how it happened and the death of Izzy and then having to put Dante down. Almost every day I regret not grabbing my corduroy skirt and several other pieces of clothing that I can’t replace. I think I have a mild case of PTSD. I have anxiety when I hear a smoke alarm. If I need to do any baking/cooking where it will get smoky or might set the alarms off, I have to take them out. I hope the anxiety will go away with time.

Next month will make a year since we got Mr. McNubbins. I know! He’s still a bit weird with us now and again. He won’t cuddle or sit on our laps. However, he’s a really funny dude who makes me laugh at least once a day. I never thought I’d have a tail-less cat and now when I see a “normal” cat it’s kinda weird. His current obsession is string. He hasn’t played fetch with the ball since about July. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Speaking of Cole, here’s a photo Harry took this past Sunday with his weekly Haiku.


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