Sunday Brunch: Waffles

Harry ordered our old Foreman Grill from Amazon this past week and I knew immediately what I wanted to have for Sunday Breakfast. Waffles! I haven’t had waffles since sometime before the fire. We had received this Foreman Grill as a wedding gift and used it all the time. Grilled chicken and hamburgers in the winter? Can do! Panini? Yup! Waffles?? Yes Sir!

Foreman Grill let me count how many ways I love you…

1. Interchangeable plates

2. Handle

3. Adjustable heat (off, low, medium and high)

4. Little lever that can tilt it or make it flat

5. Multipurpose (I am like Alton Brown and do not care for one use tools.)

6. Not too big or heavy so even I with my hand problems can generally carry it.

7. Easy to clean because the plates come right off.

Oh so shiny and new!

I love this grill. Can you tell I missed it? ;)

Harry used the recipe from the grill recipe book to make the waffles. We think they came out a bit flat from using Smart Balance instead of regular margarine. Or it could have been from the baking powder. Regardless they were still quite tasty.

You might notice that the yoghurt says lactose free. For almost all my life I’ve dealt on and off with being lactose sensitive (with milk specifically), in November I started having more issues than normal and now I am officially lactose intolerant. It freaking sucks. I like milk, yoghurt and cheese. I’ve had almond milk and lactose free milk for my coffee, tea or even cereal. I can actually have cereal in the morning now if I want and I won’t get an upset stomach! I’ve gone so long not being able to have cereal I forget that I can have it now. It seems that cooked cheese is okay (like on pizza) so yay for that! Lactose pills do help if Harry and I go out for a coffee so that’s good. I don’t do soy milk because there is a history of breast cancer on my father’s side and soy helps with the growth of estrogen. So I am trying my best to not have any. Goodbye edamame how I enjoyed you. Anyway… I saw the lactose free yoghurt and thought I’d try it. No problems with my tummy. I just wish it was fruit-on-the-bottom yoghurt since that is what I prefer. It’s also a bit pricey so I probably won’t get it again.

I had waffles, yoghurt and tea. Harry had waffles and Bengal Spice tea or Chai. I don’t remember.

Cole even wanted in on the waffle action.

I’m not sure what we’ll be having this coming Sunday. There is talk of snow on Saturday so we may not go out during the day to pick up anything if we need to. I did stop at Wright’s today to get Harry’s milk and a carton of eggs. Maybe we’ll have french toast. Hmm that’s not a bad idea.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch: Waffles

  1. creativenoshing says:

    Love how you caught the steam in the first pic. Lactose free milk, we have to drink that around here. Just make sure it is not calcium fortified or added, for some reason it makes it super thick.

    • Sarah says:

      I was pretty happy about the steam , too. :) I have not noticed the calcium fortified/added version of the milk. I usually get the fat-free.

  2. Debbie says:

    My husband had to be on a lactose free regime for a year when first diagnosed with celiac. The doctor wasn’t sure which or if both was the problem. He’s back to regular milk products and has no problem. Try adding regular milk a tiny bit at a time back in your diet in a few months and see how you do.

    He definitely has celiac disease which can make some food choices/recipes interesting. I’ve gotten good at substituting items. He eats Van’s g/f waffles and says they are pretty good.

    I’ve got an old George Forman grill. I think it was one of the first kind he made. I really should take it out of the cabinet and use it more.

  3. ~m says:

    Congrats on having Mr. Foreman in your life again, lol =)

    btw, have you tried eating regular yogurt since your intolerance got worse?
    Yogurt usually only has a small amount of lactose in it. If your tum can tolerate a little, maybe you won’t have to spend the extra money on totally lactose free stuff?

    See you at Collinswood!

    • Sarah says:

      I have tried yoghurt here and there and it still bothers me. It was the first thing that upset my stomach back in November.

      Have fun at Collinswood! I won’t be going.

      • ~m says:

        Wow, that’s crazy that something low-lactose would be the first thing to upset your stomach! But then again, it was probably one of the main dairy things you were eating at the time, huh? Like, obviously, you weren’t chugging half-gallons of milk for fun, lol!

        awww, too bad. Well, have a good time with whatever you’re doing ^_^
        I’ll tell Quentin you guys say hi

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