Sunday Brunch: fluff and ramen

What happens when Harry comes down with a cold at the end of last week and we had the January Birthday Dudes/Christmas Swap party on Saturday? Neither of us really feeling up to doing much for brunch. I wasn’t in the mood for eggs either.

So I had a Fluffernutter with some Rold Gold Honey-wheat pretzels. For those out of the New England area who may never heard of Fluff, I highly suggest you track some down! If I have a hot chocolate, which is not often, since I’m not a big fan (I really have to be in the mood for it), I love to have Fluff on it.

Harry since he’s all congested and sniffly had some beef Ramen.

One of the gifts Harry got was some holiday flavoured Jones soda. Wow did it taste like gingerbread!

Later on we did go out for some Fika at Starbucks….chai and lemon loaf for Harry, non-fat latte and blueberry scone for me.

For you knitters out there, I’m wearing Calorimetry using Berrocco’s Remix in Bittersweet.


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