Spring’s Youthful Kisses

Today is warm and sunny, birds are chirping, we have a window open, I’m not wearing any kind of outerwear (not even a light scarf!), and with the time change makes for a happy Sarah. I feel like a veil has been lifted and feel like myself again. Like the old man who’s not dead (yet) in the Holy Grail said “I feel happy! I feel happy!”

I had to take advantage of this beautiful weather while I can. What with being March you never know when we might get a freak snow storm, very cold days or rain for weeks. So I packed up my One Skein Scarf knitting, the current book I’m reading (The Help, which so far is really good) and some water and went to Lincoln Woods. I found myself the perfect spot to sit and enjoy being outside, reading, knitting and watching the birds.

I also got to wear a new shirt that I’ve been looking forward to being able to wear. Even though it’s pink, I really love it. I love me some sukura and do hope to go to Japan some day and see them blossom for the Spring festival.

I think Harry’s current haiku says it best.

Another brief glimpse
Gentle warmth and golden light
Spring’s youthful kisses.


10 thoughts on “Spring’s Youthful Kisses

  1. stitchcrazy says:

    Beautiful pics. Sounds like the perfect relaxing day…I’m dying to go out when the weather is nice and knit….but I can’t get away from my kiddos long enough. Do you recommend the book? I saw the movie and loved it, but I’ve been debating on whether or not to buy the book.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m only on chapter 6, but so far I am loving it. I would think if you liked the movie you’d probably like the book. I will see the movie sometime when it comes out on dvd (Yay Netflix!) and then I can then compare it to the book. You could always get the book from your library, which I did. I love libraries. All the books you could ever want to read and you don’t have to have them filling up your house. :)

      • stitchcrazy says:

        That’s why I got a Kindle!!! I have way too many books in my house and I couldn’t bear to add any more…I never have enough time for reading anymore anyway. This is one book that I really have been wanting to read though! Isn’t it already out on DVD? My husband and I got it at a RedBox. I just love Netflix. I mostly watch it streaming through xbox live while I knit on nights that I can’t sleep.

        • Sarah says:

          We have it through the PS3. We love the streaming. We get to watch a lot of anime we otherwise would never have heard of. ^_^

        • stitchcrazy says:

          I like watching TV shows the best…they don’t take as much time as a movie, and you can watch them whenever you want without commercials. Also no cliff hangers cause you just start the next episode. :)

        • Sarah says:

          Exactly! I can watch a 30 minute episode of whatever while eating supper and then can do other stuff.

  2. ~m says:

    Looks like you really made the best of this gorgeous weather, ms. S!
    I’m about to do the same and walk to work =)

    If you want to talk about the Help or compare it to the movie, let me know.

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