Sunday Brunch: quinoa

At the end of last week I had made Red Quinoa with Roasted Butternut Squash, Dried Cranberries, and Pumpkin Seeds for supper. When I measured out the quinoa I was a ninny-head and accidentally doubled the amount. Talk about a Doh! moment. There was no way that extra quinoa was going to get wasted. I knew exactly what I would do with it. Breakfast!

You can treat quinoa like you would oatmeal. It is very versatile and filling. My first foray into breakfast quinoa had been Martha’s Breakfast Quinoa. I detested it, but I soon realized it was because of the use of milk. This had nothing to do with my milk issues. I have never put milk in my oatmeal, so it was really weird and strange for me. I just did not like the texture and creaminess. I don’t like cream sauces for pasta, either. I did not give up my want of trying breakfast quinoa. The next time I made it I just did not bother with the milk and it was so much better. But I digress.

Breakfast Quinoa

About 1 cup cooked quinoa (any colour)
splash of water (to help moisten)
1 apple, chopped or diced
handful pecans, chopped
cinnamon, to taste
brown sugar, to taste

Add a splash of water to quinoa. Reheat quinoa in microwave about 1 minute until it’s warm, but not too hot. Chop or dice an apple, depending on what you prefer. Roughly chop some pecans. Add apple and  pecans to quinoa. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and brown sugar to taste. Stir. Enjoy!

Sometimes I will reheat the quinoa or oatmeal again, once I add the apple, just to get the apple a bit soft.

While I’m on the subject of oatmeal, I will also share that recipe. I still eat my oatmeal the same way my mom used to make it for me when I was little. Back then we called it Porridge, and I even had a special bowl that I called my porridge bowl. I unfortunately lost it in the fire. It had a bunny family on it. Which, doing a quick Google search tells me it’s Bunnykins. I had a low wide bowl like this (I think the image might have been different) and my brother had a more typical bowl like this (the image might have been different). This is the sort of recipe I never measure (which rarely happens). I just eyeball everything until it looks right. I usually get old-fashioned oatmeal, but if you use the quick kind, that’s cool, too.

Sarah’s Favourite Oatmeal

Make oatmeal according to directions on the box using water (I never use salt either). Put in bowl [duh ;) ]. Add raisins. (I usually use one small box.) Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste. Squeeze a good amount of honey on it. Stir. Enjoy!

I made my first big batch of Cold Brewed Coffee last week as well, so that’s what I had to drink with my quinoa. I use the New York Times recipe and just double it and I usually have enough for the week.


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