Sunday Brunch: the April birthdays edition

Last week a friend turned 30 and we had a his party on Saturday. Needless to say, after a long day of celebrating, we felt very lazy on Sunday and just went out for brunch.

We went to Panera. Harry brought his new toy, the Nook Tablet and I brought some knitting. I’ve tried to remember what I had, and frankly, I can’t remember. I know I had coffee to drink. I might have had french onion soup and salad as that’s something I often get when we go there. In the photo Harry is enjoying an orange scone (one of our favourites).

Yesterday was the day after my birthday party. So many birthdays at the end of April! Last week I had made some chicken vegetable soup with leftover turkey stock (I had made around Thanksgiving), some root veggies, herbs and craisins. For brunch we had the rest of the soup and some salad leftover from the party. I had a glass of cold brew ice coffee and Harry had some sweet tea (Best sweet tea ever! The trick, a pinch of baking soda!) I had made for my party as well. A lot of times, I don’t even add milk or sweetener to cold brew ice coffee. It’s that good. Mmm…café style lunch. One of my favourite things.

Bonus photo for this week, my birthday cake!

Yes, that is indeed Totoro dressed as Batman! Click here for the inspiration art. The design was up to Harry (I did allow a surprise. Shocking, I know.) and I picked the flavour, triple chocolate. So decadent! Friday I had made some strawberry coulis. Perfect accompaniment to the cake! Everyone seemed to really like it, too. I love the design, it’s two of my favourite characters in one! :)


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