Hello to the new followers! I’ve meant to that for a while and kept forgetting.

In about a month we’ll be celebrating four years of married life! October will make thirteen years of being together. Damn. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I totally want to have a party when it’s twenty. :)

We’re Dark Shadows fans (don’t even talk to me about that movie directed by someone who shall not be named and starring someone who seems to only work with said director anymore) going back to when we were just friends (along with Missie we gave Jonathan Frid (RIP) the nickname Turnip Head). “His head is oddly shaped. It’s like a potato….or a turnip.”

“Was that a grip I just saw walk across the screen?!” “What is up with ALL those blue candles?”

We’ll be going on vacation to Bah Hahbah soon. I like to think we’re going to Collinsport and not Bar Harbor. If I spot anyone looking like Willie Loomis I’ll be sure to on the lookout for a vampire that buys Dapper Dan by the case.

As a side note: We’ve watching the series on Netflix almost every night. I had never seen any of the old black and white episodes. I’m really enjoying it. I wish they had stayed in black and white. It’s so much better looking and some of the scenes look really nice (good composition, nice contrast) not that acting is any good, though. ;) A microscope is not a microphone, Joe (I think it was Joe who said it). Also, the guy that plays Willie is not half bad. Harry does a pretty good Willie impression “I, I, I don’t think that’s a good idea Baahnabas.” :)


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