Sunday Brunch: quiche

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We were going to go out to eat with my family, but my mom got sick. Instead of trying Ethiopian food for the first time (which I’m afraid of because it’s suppose to be spicy) we went to one of our favourite local places, The Cakery.

The Cakery are the ones who made our wedding cake, Harry’s 30th birthday cake, hamburger cake, etc. They offer all sorts of cafe food, lots of delicious baked goods, salads, sandwiches and most days, soup and Quiche. When we went in on Sunday, I checked the board to see if there was any Quiche and Huzzah!, they still had veggie Quiche. My favourite kind of Quiche. Every time I get one, Harry says “I really need to try the Quiche it looks and smells so good.” He finally got one. Perfect combo – Quiche and Ice Tea. :)

They always give generous portions so I was all set until supper that night with Harry’s family.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch: quiche

  1. harrylthompsonjr says:

    I’m glad that I finally got a slice of quiche all to myself, but I’m sad that they were only offering breakfast due to Mother’s Day. I really had me heart set on their meatball sandwich. Oh well; there’s always next time.


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