Sunday Brunch: apple pancakes

We’re back from our trip to Bar Harbor. We had a great time and had a lovely anniversary. I do plan on sharing some photos with y’all at some point. With two cameras and both of us being shutter bugs, there’s a lot of photos to go through. Speaking of being a shutter bug, I’ve decided that I will be doing another 30 day photo challenge come July. Keep a look out for it. Now on with the food.

We were trying to figure out what to eat Sunday and Harry suggested pancakes. I thought about it (and the delicious blueberry pancakes I had at 2 Cats our last day in Bar Harbor). I then spied with my little eye a Granny Smith apple I had taken from the hotel’s breakfast and thought “What am I going to do with one small apple?” Bingo! Apple pancakes.

Harry used his go-to recipe and just added a dash of cinnamon plus the diced apple. Yum!

I had some cold brew coffee (it is that time of year after all) with mine.


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