How Pinteresting

A while back I had pinned this on Pinterest, thinking someday my hair will be long enough again to put it up (side note – I’ve always, like since the age of 14 or earlier, wanted to do a Gibson Girl hairstyle). The day finally came last week. I tried it once. My hair did not want to stay up. Well, I thought, I do have really thick hair and it’s wavy. She has nice flat non-frizzy hair (the kind I’ve always dreamed of having). I thought, well, I gave it a try. Oh well.

The following day when I popped on Pinterest, I saw one of the ladies I follow had pinned this and I clicked on it before deciding to pin it myself (I ALWAYS check to make sure the pins are linked to the specific post, not just to the general Tumblr, WordPress, etc, and is not spam). That led me to reading Pintester’s other posts, specifically her post about the Simple Gibson Tuck. So of course I had to comment on it! I saw one of the other commenters posted a link to this YouTube how-to. Of course, I had to then try it out myself. Holy crap. So much easier! I don’t know if it’s because she explains it better, or if it is because it is a video so you see it in motion vs. still shots. I’ve actually worn my hair up with that style for a few days this past week and my hair has not fallen out. Sometimes it’s messier than others, but that’s just me being warm and trying to hurry up.

Proof that it works for past shoulder length, thick, wavy hair.

Today I wanted something kinda Boho since it is the summer and I don’t want to just wear it in a boring ol’ bun. This morning I did a Google search for Boho updo’s and eventually came across this how-to. Well, that looks cool. What an interesting texture. That would be a lot easier on my hands than tiny braids. I gave it a go and put the long part up w/ the easy Gibson tuck. Harry had a hair appointment this afternoon, and our hairdresser thought it looked really cute and liked it. Harry also approves. ^_^ He says it’s his favourite one so far. I like it too. It’s fun, it’s Boho, if finessed and add a doodad (if you are the type), it could be done for a fancy occasion.

Both of these hairstyles will be in my repertoire from now on.

I realize now, that I should have asked Harry to take my photo so you could see it. Oh well.

*Pinteresting: something that I’ve pinned that interests me enough to try it.


3 thoughts on “How Pinteresting

  1. Nicki says:

    I watched the boho-tutorial, thanks! I actually tend to do my hair pretty much like that a lot, but I like the addition of twisting the front pieces. I’ll have to try that today! I wish I could french braid the front, but with that I am inept. I’m also looking forward to trying the Gibson tuck…I think my hair may still be too short for it to look good (curses, fine hair!), but soon, sooooon.

    • Sarah says:

      You can try it and see if it works on a day when you’ll be home. If it falls out or does not look right, no one will see so it doesn’t matter. :) Maybe modify it to your hair length?

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