Sunday Brunch: omelette and brisket

So omelette and brisket sound like a really gross combo. No, we did have them together as one plate of food. We were trying to think of what to have to eat with what we had on hand. I decided on an omelette with some cherry tomatoes and cheese. Harry opted to have his leftovers from last Saturday’s supper as a sandwich.

Harry sautéed the tomatoes briefly with a little pepper. I was thinking they were going to be just cut up, so that was a nice touch. As an added surprise he also added some dried basil. When I took the first bite I exclaimed “This tastes like Italy!” (Not that I’ve ever been, but it just tasted so Italian. :) ) My mom had given us some Asiago focaccia someone had given her. So I toasted some to have on the side. Yum!


Harry had his beef brisket as a sandwich on the focaccia. He said it was very nice.


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