some randomness

Random things about me.

  • I dislike odd numbers. When planning our wedding, I made sure we got married on an even date.
  • I get motion sick if I’m in the pool for about 30 minutes. If there are others in there, the time is cut down significantly. Yes, this does put a damper on doing laps. I have a ginger candy before going in, but that’s not always enough. (This was not a problem when I was a kid.)
  • I don’t like extreme weather. While I prefer the summer over the winter, it’s the really hot and humid weather that bothers me the most.
  • My head sweats in really hot weather. Weird and kinda gross, but true.
  • I prefer wearing dresses/skirts to jeans/pants. Once it’s November, you will not see me wearing a skirt until probably April because it’s too cold.
  • There are a few clothing items that I look for almost every day in my closest that I miss from pre-fire and kick myself for not taking when we went back to get stuff.
  • I wish I could knit a sweater, shawl, socks and kilt hose. Alas, my hand issues put a damper on that.
  • I’m pretty much okay with being allergic to wool. It’s a bit of a challenge at times when knitting to find alternatives (but I knit mostly dishcloths, so that helps), but it’s fun to play with new yarn. I really want to try corn, milk and hemp yarn. Someday.
  • I love strawberries the way Harry loves hamburgers.
  • Cucumbers smell like summer.
  • I’m very practical.

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