Day 2, 30 DPC 2012

The first thing I photographed this morning was my glasses. I wear them every day since I need them for reading, watching tv, being on the computer. I then photographed my sunglasses, which are prescription. Someone else in the house decided to photograph his glasses, since he needs them to see everything. Well, then, I think he gets precedence . ;)

About a month ago I started PT again due to my stenosis causing a flare of sorts. This time I asked for aqua therapy along with land. This morning I had my last aqua physical therapy.  I’m going to miss that 90 something degree pool. I do have print outs of the exercises (which I got lamented) so I can do them when I go to the gym. The water shoes were a birthday gift from Harry. They are great for Aqua Zumba class. I no longer fear ripping up the bottom of my foot on the pool floor.


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