Day 6, 30 DPC 2012

Childhood Memory

This was easy for me. I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph, Tupper Park.

I spent almost everyday of summer of my childhood at Tupper. My brother and I would leave in the morning, met up with our cousins and the four of us would head down to Tupper. We would not get home until supper time. We’d tell Mom we’re going and she would say “Have fun!” This was the early 80s and a small town. From what I hear you can’t do that anymore.

This is where I learned how to swim. When learning how to dive, my fear of heights got in the way. I did many of a pin drop or cannonball off the low board. I don’t recall ever going on the high board. I remember one of my cousins did a belly flop off the high board (at least) once. He was crazy. Yes, it made a horrible sound when he hit the water.

We played kickball, swung on the swings, played on the see-saw and other playground equipment (the slide was metal and you only wanted to go on that when it was overcast, otherwise you’d burn your legs and butt). There was  a red wooden merry-go-round, too. Boy did I get nauseous on that a lot. This is where one of my cousins tried to convince me to eat an ant “It tastes like a crunchy blueberry!” Yeah, I don’t think so buddy! No, I never tried it. To this day I do wonder if they do in fact taste like blueberries, but not enough to try it.

Sometimes my dad would go in the pool with us and then we’d have a ball (he was a really good swimmer). We’d all hang on him and then he’d swim or walk the length of the pool. He’d be all slippery from sunscreen and the water. Aaah good times. ^_^ My cousin and I would go underwater and pretend to have tea parties. We’d try to swim like mermaids. My favourite thing from the concession stand was the tuna sandwich on a toasted hot dog bun (the “New England style” kind, which to me is the only kind).

Yeah, so basically, when I think of summer and swimming, this is place that comes to mind. I chose not to go inside since it is the summer, and there were kids playing. I did not want to come across as a creep.


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