Day 10, 30 DPC 2012

Something I Made













I finished my black scarf last night. Ravelry link for those inclined to see the info on it.

I’ve got a bonus photo for today.

Something I’m Currently Working On

My Sky Scarf. (Rav link) I first saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought “Hell yeah!” I mentioned it back in February. I started on my birthday and it’s gotten quite long in a short time. Things I’ve learned from knitting it. Next time I decide to do a similar type project, I will NOT carry the yarn up the side. Looks way to messy and it’s annoying having to untangle the yarn every few days or so (I’m keeping the skeins in plastic bags, which makes things a little easier). If I do another conceptual project like this, I need to use smaller yarn. I am loving the conceptual part, which surprises me. That multi coloured stripe? That was a day I saw a rainbow. ^_^


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