Day 15, 30 DPC 2012

My Shoes

I have never worn shoes in the house. Harry does not either. So we keep the shoes we are currently wearing out in the hall. Every week or so I do straighten out my giant pile and put away ones I don’t think I’ll be wearing. I’m not a shoe person as shown by my flip-flops and sneakers. I got the Skele-toes fairly recently and I’m loving them. They fit me like a glove and feel good on my back (I prefer being barefoot so it’s a nice happy medium). They are a four-toed style from Fila called Amp. They are great for walking on rocks and such. I can see why so many of the people on Ninja Warrior (Japanese and American versions, yeah, we’re fans) wear them.

I have a bonus for today. Skele-toes enjoying the ocean view at Beavertail yesterday.


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