Day 16, 30 DPC 2012

What I Ate


While on vacation I really wanted to have “an appropriate Moxie”. I could not find a can or bottle anywhere in Bar Harbor. So strange. On the way home when we stopped at a grocery store I got one. I really wanted to have a Moxie while in Maine, dangnabit.

During the ride home we got to talking about Moxie and other things as you do on long car rides. I was saying how I’d like to try a Moxie float. I speculated that since the vanilla frozen yoghurt/ice cream is sweet it would cut through the bitter after taste of the soda and that I thought it would be good. So when we got two cans on Saturday from my mom I knew immediately what I was going to do. I also knew that it would be my “what I ate”  photo.

It was two scoops of vanilla frozen yoghurt and about half the can. I did put about one more scoop in after along with the rest of the soda.

For those unfamiliar with what Moxie is you need to truly experience it for yourself. It’s an odd little duck of a soft drink. I’ve described it as cola with cough medicine aftertaste. You never want to drink it cold! Talk about nasty. It needs to be ice-cold. I swear it tastes different from a bottle vs. a can, and even the 2 litter vs. 20 oz. Our local supermarket carries it so we can enjoy it when we feel like it. Harry talks about it on his photo today as well.

I still remember the first time I tasted it. It was at Clark’s Trading Post. I was holding my dad’s cup. He had gone into the Topsy-turvy house with my brother for a second time or somewhere else (that part I don’t remember as well). It was sunny, warm and I was thirsty. I thought “Oh Coke” and took a sip. OHMYGOD. WHATTHEHECKDIDIJUSTDRINKTHATISNASTY! When he came back I told him that was the grossest Coke I ever tasted. He laughed and said it was Moxie. It was his favourite soda. So when I see that orange can I think of my dad and what  weird tastes he had and being at Clark’s Trading Post.

I’ve got to say, I actually enjoy Moxie now. As a kid I could not stand the stuff and now I enjoy it and don’t find the medicinal aftertaste as shocking. I don’t know if my tastes have changed (as they tend to do as you get older) or if they might have changed the formula a bit.






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