Day 18, 30 DPC 2012

In My Bag

I feel that this photo does a good job of representing the chaos that is usually going on in my purse. Part of me wishes I could use a small purse, but considering what I like to have on hand and my optical needs, I need to use a medium to large bag.

What we have here is my large summer bag (from Target a few years ago). What I am generally carrying around with me are: my wallet, one or two compression gloves, my camera, wintergreen Altoids, keys, SPF Chap-stick, a few lactose pills, ginger candy (for swimming), hand sanitizer (I always feel nasty after handling the garbage bins), a couple of pens, my eyeglasses (smaller pink case) if it’s raining/overcast/going to read indoors, my sunglasses (which are prescription, in the large red case), tissues, pain reliever, notebook (Thanks Missie for this one!), cellphone (not that I use it) and iPod (in fabric case with headphones).


6 thoughts on “Day 18, 30 DPC 2012

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you. When I was looking at it I just kept thinking “This needs to be softer and maybe lighter”. Bingo. ^_^

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