Day 29, 30 DPC 2012

I just realized looking at the calendar that tomorrow is the last day. Wow. Time flew by.


We went for brunch out at The Cakery today. For those following along w/ Sunday Brunch, sorry there haven’t been any posts lately. It’s been too hot too cook, so we’ve gone out for pancakes. Today’s reason was not due to heat, but just plain old didn’t feel like cooking.  After brunch, we went over to the Smithfield Barnes&Noble for fika. I had a hot latte and Harry had a hot chocolate. Yes, that’s right, hot drinks. Today only got up to about 68°, was drizzly, overcast and a little humid. The kind of day where you’re not sure if you could wear jeans, but feel like you should because it’s chilly, but if you do, you might get hot ’cause it’s damp and humid. The knitting is a coffee cup cuff. How apropos. ;) I forgot how much I like knitting cables. Okay, not really, but a little.


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