Sunday Brunch: Eggs and Muffins

I meant to get this posted earlier, but life gets in the way sometimes. Monday, thanks to Rhode Island observing Victory Day, Harry add it off. One of my cousins was actually out here visiting with her dad (my uncle) on the Cape and well, what a perfect time to see her! We hadn’t seen each other in years (really, neither of us could remember the last time we saw each other in person). Her oldest sister recently moved back up here, so we got to see her too. Here’s one of my favourite shots Harry took that day.


So, yeah. Sunday brunch. Last Saturday we went to Wright’s to get Harry’s milk. While there we decided to get a couple of muffins for breakfast the next day, cappuccino chip for me, pumpkin chocolate chip for Harry. Sunday morning I decided I wanted just scrambled eggs with my muffin, and made some for Harry as well. We had some left over scallions (Why does it seem like every recipe calls for only three scallions? Seriously). They were a nice addition.


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