A few days ago Harry posted a status on Facebook which said this:
“Read the following and reply quickly:
You are a monster. What kind of monster are you?”
Here’s what he did with my response of “mermaid”.

After posting yesterday’s “Friends as Monsters” I decided that I need to take my time a bit more. Last night, I rushed. Tonight, I took my time. It also helps that it is Friday night/Saturday morning, so I don’t really need to worry about being up too late.

I had inked this drawing after finishing the pencils and decided to scan it before I started to add weight to the lines. This was a good thing, since while I was adding weight to my lines, my pen started getting really flowy. I was worried that I would lose detail in the face because the lines were bleeding.

Anyhoo, seeing as things were going South fast, i figured I would pull out the brush pen and use it for some hatching practice. BIG mistake. The original is left in my sketch pad as a reminder of what not to do. I…

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