Don’t mind me, I’m just having some tea and reading. Carry on.

How you may ask? On our new balcony!

Long and short, 2nd floor moved out, asked the landlady about the balcony 2nd had (never) used (they have a front porch), it’s now ours.

I’m so freaking happy you have no idea. I’ve discovered having some type of outdoor space is very important to me and really missed having a porch. Yeah, there’s one all the way downstairs but that meant having to put on shoes, walk outside, yadda yadda. Now all we need to do is go down a flight. They left a bistro set so we even have furniture! We swept the porch and cleaned the table and chairs yesterday afternoon and Harry hung the wind chimes for me. We had supper out on it last night.

PS – Yes, I’m rocking my Bar Harbor souvenirs. Today has been the first time I’ve  been able to wear the hoodie.


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